Clever Canopy is the brain child of an insatiable creative ( that's me! ) with a vision to help other creatives find their unique story.  The work done through the studio is simple aesthetically but complex in nature. We create brands for creatives with a fierce passion for what they do ( being weird and/or funny is a plus!) 

Whenever I approach a new project I ask a lot of questions. I like to know the "who" for each new client. Who is your dream client? Who are you as a person? Who would your brand be friends with?  This opens up a whole world of storytelling. Those stories, the ones that are unique to you and business, that's where the magic lives. The magic is in the story.

about the studio

I wish I could deny this fact but it's too much a part of me. 

I am a reality tv junkie


I have two men in my life: my hubby and my son, Both are adorable and supportive. One loves Lego's
 ( guess which one).

Personal fact: I'm a mama & wife


I take my work seriously but honestly, what's better than having a good belly laugh?

we will totally laugh


We are both businesses owners. Our time is precious, our talent is precious. Let's not waste either. Okay, friend?

mutual respect is super important


If you ask me what's my passion I would say it's storytelling. Writing and creating visuals that tell an intimate and engaging story is my jam. When I get to breathe new life into a brand that's lost its way, it ignites my soul; truly.

On a personal note, I'm sometimes an introvert and sometimes an extrovert
(anyone else??) . I have an uncanny ability to quote lines from my fave movies and TV shows. I have a weakness for anything chocolate, funny memes, and a good song. 

I believe if you aren't laughing everyday, you're living wrong. I work hard. I play hard. I am incredibly dedicated to helping my clients find their voice. I am so excited to meet you!

hey, I'm Lauren.
The head dreamer, strategist & wordsmith at Clever Canopy

principles & facts

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I collaborate with the folks who put their whole heart into pursuing their dreams. Chasing that perfect moment to capture, writing the blog that could change someone's life; the dreamers, the doers, the fearless. You're my people. 


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Thoughtful Brand Identity, Intentional Web Design and unique, true-to-you Copywriting. A full service experience.
All under one little roof. 

Business truth #1: If you only have a logo, you only have a logo. A brand is way more than a pretty icon on your social feeds. It's the cover to your business' book. It's what sets you apart or fades you into the background. Your potential clients will be judging your business by its cover. Make sure it's a good one, okay friend?

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I love cookies. But, I don't love cookie cutter. You're not just another project here. My philosophy is based on the authentic storytelling of each client I work with. In order to achieve that goal, I have an extensive "get to know your business" process so I can be sure to convey your unique perspective in an organic way. 

Each client gets a stellar experience 

AS YOU get to know clever canopy, I WANT YOU TO KNOW

Business truth #3: Your business isn't ordinary ( and neither are you) so why should your brand, your logo or your website be like everyone else's?